Taking part in a HELL & BACK event and looking to raise funds? Run a Premier League "Last One Standing" game in aid of your favourite charity...

Sports Prediction Fundraisers 2017

Here's how it works for you and your friends

Fundraising competitions are incredibly easy to play through the RunLastMan.com site or from your mobile app.


Predict one team to win per week

You can't pick the same team more than once. Your team loses or draws & you're out.


Your organiser will have set a fee to join. Pay with your card online through the site or app. 


How much is it to join?

After every gameweek the leaderboard updates showing who is still standing.


Last player "standing" wins

Once the competition finishes the winner cashes out on to their card.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to run a fundraiser with Hell & Back for my favourite charity. How does the funds get collected?  
We manage all of the donations for you. Your friends simply go to your page, register, make their selections and donate online via a secure payment page.  
2. When do I receive the funds and who pays the charity? 
Once the competition deadline is hit you will receive the charity's portion of the funds into your online wallet. You then easily withdraw the funds on to your card and pass over to your charity. 
4. Is there a fee or any age restrictions? 
The fee to run the fundraiser is 10% of the total prize pot. As there is a gambling element to the game anyone who donates must be aged 18 or over.  
3. Can I contact all my players from within my fundraising page? 
Yes you can easily email all players in the Promote Page. Within the fundraising page you can also share the link on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. 

Leaderboard auto updates 

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Your friends make predictions online

After they've made their predictions and registered, they donate to play online with any major card.

Friends donate online or in cash

Receive your charity's funds immediately

Share with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter directly from your competition fundraising page.

WhatsApp & Facebook sharing

Simply pick one team to win every week in the Premier League. Team must win to progress.
Friends return each week to check their progress. Once it starts you receive the funds raised & we pay the winner

Your HELL & BACK Predictor Fundraising Game with the Premier League

The UK / Ireland's #1 predictor game works perfectly with The Premier League. Simply pick one team to win every week. If they win, you progress. Lose/draw & you're out. You can't pick the same team more than once!
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Here's How Your Premier League Game Works:

1. Create your fundraising page, choose your entry fee, your charity and how much of the pot is to be donated

2. Share the link with all your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and email

3. Your friends donate online to enter (e.g. entry €10) and pick a team to win each week

4. If your team wins, you advance through to the following week. Lose/draw and you're out. You can only pick each team once

5. The last player "standing" at the end wins the winner's part of the jackpot

6. Once the first game starts you receive your funds to donate to your charity of choice

HELL & BACK Fundraising Games in 2017

RunLastMan's suite of fundraising games can be run with every major sporting event. Check out the list of games on offer in 2017 that you can run a fundraiser with for your next Hell & Back excusrion. 
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RunLastMan caters for most of the world's largest sporting leagues and events. Some of the biggest events of 2017 are listed below: 
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June - April



May - June



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