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The biggest football tournament of 2017 is here, finally! Simply pick a winner from 5 games in the 1st round and then predict the scores all the way to the final. 

The Confederations Cup is Coming, June 2017

Here's how it works for you and the lads

Competitions are incredibly easy to play through the site or from your mobile app. 


Make your predictions online

Predict the winner of one game in each of the 5 rounds of last man standing in the knockout stages, 


Your organiser will have set a fee to join. Pay with your card online through the site or app. 


How much is it to join?

After every game the leaderboard updates with the points for each player after the knockout stage.


Most points at the end wins

Once the competition finishes the winner cashes out on to their card.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I run my own competition just for fun with the lads? 
You certainly can. Simply create a competition and select it to be winner takes all. Your competition will now have all of the funds going to the pot.  
2. How does the scoring work in the competition after the knockout stage? 
Points are awarded for predicting the correct score or by picking the winner in the game. Pick the correct score, you get 5 points, pick the winning team only, you get 1. 
4. What golf events are available? 
Golf last man standing competitions are available for all the majors in 2017 and the Olympics. Here's the schedule: April - U.S. Masters, June - U.S. Open, July - Open Championship, Aug - U.S. PGA .  
3. Does the competition last just for this tournament? 
Yes dead right. The last man standing lasts just 1 tournament so do your research and pick wisely on just the form for the last few weeks. 

Leaderboard auto updates 

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Make your predictions online

After you've made your predictions and registered pay your entry fee online with any major card.

You pay to enter online or in cash

The results update the leaderboard

Share with your mates on WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter from the competition page.

WhatsApp & Facebook sharing

Simply predict a winner in each of the 5 last man standing rounds in the knockout stages.
Return throughout the tournament to see how your lads are doing. The lederboard updates after every game.

How to Play: 

Confederations Cup, Last Man Standing

The UK / Ireland's #1 predictor game is back with The Confederations Cup. We've broken the knockouts into 5 rounds of last man standing. Get through the 5 rounds, predict the correct score of every game all the way to the final. 
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Here's How Your Confederation Cup Game Works:

Register / sign in and pay your entry fee

Pick ONE team to win in each of the 5 last man standing rounds

From the semi finals onwards you are awarded 5 points for predicting the correct score of each game and 1 point for predicting the winning team only

The player with the most points at the end of the final wins

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